> Beirut 2006

At the end of March, I spent 46 hours traveling in exchange for 100 hours in Beirut, Lebanon, to visit a good friend. It was just the right amount of time to explore a city that sits on the seam between East and West.

The Corniche
The Assassination Site
A City in Bloom
Pigeon Rocks
A Study in Contrasts
Qantari Mosque
The Old and the New
Another View of Al Amine
Take a Look
Beirut's Berlin Wall
Remembering Rafiq Hariri
St. George and Al-Amine
The Hariri Bombing
Future Perfect
It's Everywhere
The Revolution Was Televised
Hip Achrefieh
Welcome to Le Bristol Hotel
Fisher of Men
The Juice Man Cometh
Rock the Casbah
A Mosque Rises
Hizbollah, Unite
The Temple of Bacchus
The Lion of Baalbek
Relax, Don't Do It
A Spot of Color
Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy
Graffiti Nation
The Road from Baalbek
Amir Asaf Mosque
Hard Hats Required
The Virgin View
A Tale of Two Cities
Al Amine Mosque
Dinner at al Balad
Road Weary