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January 12, 2010



we have 3 dogs and our little dog, a large breed chihuahua had her first seizure when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. maternal instincts put to the test instantly. her seizures are big. so I called the vet. he said watch her blah blah. well within 30 minutes she had another one, which was kind of a blessing because we called the vet, he filled and Rx and the rest is history. so mona has been on phenobarb for her seizures for 7 years almost. she still has breakthrough seizures about once a quarter or so, but they are relatively minor.
its really awful to watch your pet go through that, so I totally relate.
it may escalate or it may always stay at the frequency you see them now. and it sounds like rilo recovered quickly. when mona has a bad one, it takes her a while to get herself together.
its quite common with dogs, I found out, across all the breeds.

good luck with that.

I need to borrow your dog/human whisperer person. ;)

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