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July 27, 2009



love it! Amanda DEMANDS books every night. Cliff was never really into sitting still for stories until MUCH older. Mandy says "book! book!" and then tells me very plainly which she likes. I like the simple board books. I love all the Eric Carle books. Our fave is "have you seen my cat?" which has very little else in it in the way of vocabulary. But being a cat freak, I taught cliff all the different cats (puma, tiger, panther etc. to the point that he is quite nerdy) and we make it very silly. the grouchy ladybug kinda bugs me (no pun intended!) but I love Carle's illustrations.

I also love this one: http://www.randomhouse.com/golden/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780375830051
because its very simple with bright pictures and eventually they start finishing the sentences for you. And I tickle her as we do "the elevator goes uuuuup and dowwwwwn" (by doing the elevator on her ribs or thigh or something). =D

precious age. I am reminding myself of that as i say it because Amanda is about to wear me down to a nub. lol

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