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May 30, 2009



You sound like my mom, TCG...

She also likes to try to push it by standing in front of the platform and leaning as far as she can toward the handle. Or just climbing it like a monkey. She might be the most bruised kid in town right now -- she has a big blue bruise on her cheek and a knot on her forehead from toppling over at high velocities. Can't wait until she starts sprinting on her own.

And don't get me started on allergies. No dairy, no eggs, no soy -- even frakkin' rice milk causes her to rash. And apples and bananas, which had been mainstays, now cause her to break out. So she eats every other fruit in the universe, chicken and turkey, and lots of green produce. Which makes the dog happy, because she's also learned to share.


cute. enjoy these last few days/weeks of being able to open cupboards and drawers without swearing at the daddy proof drawer locks. And brace yourself for some falls and a little drama here and there. LOL
If she's doing this...she'll be all over the place very soon.
we had that walker...it drove me crazy cuz both my kids either tried to walk it while facing the toys, or would tip it over. maybe you got the new improved stable wheel base kind.
she's so cute! how are the allergies?


that baby doesn't need to walk, the whole world waits at her doorstep.

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