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December 16, 2008



I really like the second flower (#4) - it makes me think of renewal, rebirth, promoting change. The first flower reminds me of bubbly champagne. The fifth one feels more technical, industrial and gear or process-like (which isn't necessarily bad).


I like the first one best and the 3rd and 4th are second. 5th and 6th remind me of oil company ads some how. how fun! good luck!


1, 5 and 6.

good for you!!


Definitely page 2 (of the pdf). -- Emily


The flower designs (3 and 4) are the stand-out favorites by far. The third flower's grapes are more meaningful than the solid purple in four.

The font in 3 and 4 is by far the least distracting of the typefaces, although the kerning seems to be off between the RI and AN. They are so close I can't tell if it is supposed to be a ligature or not.


For what it's worth, I like the second flower (first one makes me want to sneeze)...


Artistically the 1st one is cool. But I like the 5th one down with the pink (?)wheel... Thought it could represent what you do, bring people together a-round the table to talk, collaborate, understand, learn... And there is an inter-connectedness that gets represented.
Just my 2 cents... Terri

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