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April 19, 2008



Your post made me cry and sometimes laugh, too. I am so deleriously happy for both of you. Although my gut told me that Nikole would come through this well, it was a terrifying experience. I cannot even imagine the rush of relief and gratefulness you must have felt. I am thrilled for both of you and sending big fluffy love thoughts in your direction.

Love, Julia

John you have torn me up! These posts are a gift to Thea! I know Nancy and I have to say what a great calm and wonderful friend to have at your side in such times. You all are blessed! thanks for sharing!


Congrats to you both for going with the flow and trusting the universe. I'm so glad she's here.


Just wanted to say huge congrats! Long time reader of babylust who is just SO FREAKING PLEASED for you guys, I could just about explode.


Incredible post, incredible story, incredible tears streaming down my face! I am so overwhelmed with pride and joy for all three of you!


that was beautiful. thank you for sharing it with us all. I am so happy for you guys!!
I am in awe of both of you.


Good lord, I haven't cried this much in ages! (In fact, the "J" on my keyboard is soaking wet, ha!) I am so happy for you guys. So, so, so happy...

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It is truly beautiful.


Baby Thea is beautiful and she looks just perfect. I'm so proud of you and Nikole for the courage you called forward in giving birth to your daughter. She's a very lucky and loved little girl.


Another longtime lurker of babylust here as well - what a beautiful entry this was. I'm so happy for you both, and your beautiful daughter.

Marina (from ovusoft)

John, you write beautifully, I could actually smell the whole thing. :) Nikole, what a brave amazing mother you are. Thea is lucky to have you both as parents!


Delurking to say that I'm so thrilled everything went well ... I couldn't be happier for you! Congratulations and countless blessings on each one of you at this special time!

Anne Boleyn Pole

Oh John, Nikole, Thea! The happy tears are just pouring down my cheeks! I especially loved the part about you talking to your dad, John.
All three of you are gorgeous. Thea is even more beautiful than her perfectly beautiful name. Hold fast to it all. Love, Anne

catherine illian

Nikole and John
What a beautiful story-- been thinking about you all day today-- glad that you had a wonderful time snuggling with your baby today-- every day just gets better


I love this post as it captures the awe that is birth. Congratulations! I know you will love being three.


Longtime lurker of babylust here to say congratulations. What a wonderful story. Your account of the day will be quite a treasure for Nikole (and Thea!) one day!

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