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January 18, 2009



Thank you, Nikole. John, I loved that song - I don't know if I have it anymore - it was a B-side song on a single, I think (record!). Something like that. But I know the words by heart. I didn't know it stuck with you until years later. I think that people are never really lost or drifted when you carry them with you, and I will always carry our friendship with me - even half a life (literally) and a whole continent away. My 37th birthday was the 10th. How did we get so old? My song for you is still King of Birds, another one that I don't think I have any more. That's what happens when you come of age before the world has CD's. Congrats to Thea on her nine month birthday - can you believe how fast that happened? Griffin is already four months. We are just loving it. I'm hoping to get to Richmond some time in 2009, maybe 2010 at the latest. It's still hard for me to be there, though. I've only gone once, for an afternoon, since Sam died. I need quiet when I go there, and my parents are not quiet. Anyway, we can't wait to meet Nikole and Thea. I know they're wonderful. Love, J
P.S. Send me your address, k?

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