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May 31, 2008



Just an idea - Baker would cry and scream at first when we knew he was tired and we couldn't get him calmed down enough to go to sleep. What finally REALLY worked for us was from the book The Happiest Baby on the Block. 1. Swaddle the kid up - tight. We really though Baker hated it at first and he would try to get out of it, but we stuck with the tight swaddle and it worked 2. Hold him in your arms on his side (the side is key- his eyes just close when he's on his side and it blocks his view). 3. Shush in his ear and we do it loudly (white noise). 4. Swing/walk/move/rock with the baby. 5. Suck- let him suck on a pacifier. The combination of those things knocked him out in record time and still (for the most part) works like a charm today. Good Luck - I know it's hard but you are both doing great. As BJ tells me constantly, "if what you're doing doesn't work, try something else." It's so obvious, but I found that when Baker was Thea's age, I was so often too exhausted to think of what else to do so I kept pouring effort into a losing battle and never stepped away to be objective. Keep changing it up until something works for Thea.


great post. don't feel pressured to do something that doesn't feel right to you guys. Its all fine to have someone tell you do exclusively breastfeed but you guys are the ones living with her 24/7. If you're (meaning Nikole) isn't up for it 100% then just DO WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU.

My son never was a good sleeper. Never slept thru the night. Wasn't really waking up to party - just wanted me. As soon as I touched him, night-night. But I was tired. and I was being pressured and made to feel like my kid was broken cuz all my friggin friends' kids slept for 10 f'ing hours at night. la de da. and the pedatrician said to do the cry it out thing. it was totally against my instincts but I did it by the book once at 6 months and again at 9 or 10 months. neither time did it work and we have since learned that my son is the very definition of strong willed. but no matter. I felt so defeated and broken and like a loser with a kid who didn't want to sleep all night. I started bringing him to bed with us. We all slept like champs and we were all happy. I got SO much damn flack from my friends it was crazy. get that baby (18 months by the time we gave in and started bring him to bed with us!) out of your bed blah blah blah blah blah ad nauseum. But we were happy. Eventually I told my mouthy friends to bite me and we made peace with what we had done. Now we are all so damn happy with our sleeping situation, we all sleep great and we're close and cozy etc. and alot of people I know have come out of the closet about sleeping with their own kids. my long point is you gotta DO WHAT WORKS FOR *YOU* Some people hate sleeping with their kids. And having some bottles and some breast won't hurt anyone. Hell my friend had to pump and give her breastmilk to her baby in bottles cuz she had some problems. and kids manage to survive on formula too. Let go of some of the expectations you have of yourselves and just do what is working. Maybe the pumping/bottle thing is better for now.

I'm sorry you guys are so tired. Its not permanent I assure you. Just terribly frustrating!! (the pictures are great though)


Love your honesty! I had a colic baby for 7 months, He did not sleep through the night until 8 months old. I thought I would lose my sanity (maybe I did, who really knows!)Today He is 34 and the father of my first granddaughter. You will succeed!

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